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The Slave Auction

Our exclusive FemDom event will be the weekend of ____?
(Date and Location to be decided. This page is just an idea and is still under construction)

slaves humbly greet arriving Females.,,,,,.,,,.males will be sold to Females for permanent or temporary use...,...,,,..male slave led by Female Owner

The Slave Auction is a three-day premier fetish weekend held annually in the Ft. Lauderdale area at a private location. The event starts on Friday at 12 noon, and continues until Sunday at 5 pm, providing you with a full weekend of fetish and erotic activities. Your registration allows you to participate in all activities, with everything included from your room and meals to unlimited dungeon time. It is truly an all-inclusive fetish weekend!

To Attend
Joining is easy - just click here to go to the Pricing and Registration Form. (coming in the future)


Activities Scheduled:

The Auction:
~ A real-life annual auction where
males are sold to Superior Females ~

Through the efforts of Mistress Lisa, this unique Auction is a high class auction and occurs on Friday night. It is always a provocative entrance to the evening's erotic activities, the Auction is one of the biggest highlights and is the main attraction of the weekend.

Numerous sexy, leather-bound male submissives and powerful, commanding Female Dominants will be available to the highest bidder. There will be lots of male slaves available and only those approved by Mistress Lisa will be invited to attend. We want high quality slaves who are sincere and want to serve.

Ladies, buy a male slave to serve you permenantly or temporary use for the weekend. There will be a "private viewing area" with males chained up and ready for inspection by potential Female owners. Each male slave will come with a profile folder detailing what they're good at, what areas need work, their physical stats, their experience if any and whether they are available for temporary or permanent slavery. Serious participants only. Those interested in permanent slavery must be able to relocate to their new Owner's location to serve Her in whatever capacity She demands.


After you have acquired a slave at the Auction, be sure to visit...

The Dungeon
which is a spacious expanse separated into semi-private stations and equipped to accommodate different styles of play. The ambiance in the dungeon is enhanced with carefully selected scene music and special lighting. Some equipment highlights: a St. Andrew's cross, a king size four-poster bondage and suspension bed, spanking benches, crosses, whipping posts, bondage chair and more! There is unlimited dungeon time for the entire weekend!

The Saturday Night FemDom Dinner
The Menu consists of delicious homemade buffet style meals and snacks that are prepared by male slaves and served by them throughout the weekend. An appetizing assortment of cuisine, both hot and cold, is served for brunch, dinner, desserts and snacks. The fare will sure to be a big success with our guests. We like to keep your energy level up. Males are encouraged to be the useful seats for the Females.


Other ideas for activities during the weekend:

Workshops and Seminars,
scheduled throughout the weekend, are conducted by prominent members of the BDSM community. We present symposiums to share valuable information regarding many aspects of our lifestyles, stimulate new learning, and promote fresh ideas on FemDom. Topics are as varied as techniques such as caning, wax, bondage to classes on how to manage your servants or how to be a good slave to a Dominant Female. Classes will be tailored to the needs of Female Dommes and male subs.

set up on Saturday from 12 Noon to 4 pm. Some of the USA's most erotic shop owners are on hand to assist you with purchases of the latest fashion styles, accessories and "toys"! A plethora of kinky delights, shoes and shiny baubles, leather, latex and PVC, cuffs and blindfolds, floggers and single tails, paddles and canes, rope and more will be on display to entice you! Only FemDom friendly vendors will be allowed.

The Saturday Night Masquerade Ball
brings out the best in everyone! Flaunt your kinkiest, most erotic, and/or unusual leather, latex, PVC, lingerie and more (or less)! Secret Female judges will be tallying scores for the Best Dressed Awards. Winners are announced later in the evening, with prizes given to the Best-Dressed male, Best-Dressed Female, Best Masque (a new prize category), Best Dressed Sissy and Best-Dressed Couple!

Photo Shoot
A photographer could be available to take private photos at your request. Photos would be the private property of those who requested them and photos will be available to take home before you leave the weekend event.

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We are Safe, Sane and Consensual.

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Copyright 2007. Mistress Lisa. (note: This page is just one of my ideas. So please do not send me emails trying to signup for the event.)