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Adonis Autism Center of Southwest Florida
Board of Directors 2010

Officers of the Board:

Beth Bashaw Cameron, President
Beth has been employed by St. Michael Lutheran School for the past 18 years, first as a four-year olds preschool teacher and currently as the Director of  their Extended Care Program. Beth has been very involved with the Adonis organization over the years, serving in various roles.  Her youngest brother, Ian is autistic.

Kathy Meyer, Secretary
Kathy Meyer is full-time Executive Assistant of Neighborhood America, as well as partner with her daughter as a rep for whole-food supplement Juice Plus and is an on-going student and advocate of natural health and nutrition.  Kathy is mother and guardian of Jessica, an adult with autism, who she moved to southwest Florida from her New York group home in April 2004.


Maureen Bashaw
Maureen is a freelance writer. She worked at News-Press as a feature writer and drama critic. Her 33-year-old son, Ian, is autistic. She is the widow of Richard Bashaw who along with Maureen was one of the founders of the Adonis Autism Center in 1985.

L.D. Bochette
L.D. is the past director of East First National Bank in Fort Myers, as well as Landmark First National Bank and C&S National Bank of Lee County. He now manages personal investments. He is actively involved with the Southwest Florida Boy Scouts Council, Fort Myers Community Concert Association, Edison-Ford Winter Estates Advisory Board, Southwest Florida Beautification Advisory Board, Southwest Florida Historical Society and Fort Myers City of Palms Day Committee.

Armando Galella
Armando Galella is the Director of Catholic Charities of Collier County. Armando has 34 years of experience in non-profit management, institutional marketing, fund raising, and public relations.

Galella recently served as Executive Director of Eden Florida, a provider of services for children and adults with autism, and prior to that as executive director for Sunrise Community of Southwest Florida that offers services for developmentally disabled children and adults, including many with ASD. Galella obtained a masters degree in public administration from Pace University in White Plains , New York , attended the Graduate School of Journalism at Boston University , and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from the College of Holy Cross in Worcester , Mass.

As Director of Catholic Charities of Collier County he is responsible for program operations, program development, funding development, maintaining certifications, and cultivating community partnerships. He also serves as the liaison for the Advisory Board of Catholic Charities of Collier County. Catholic Charities program locations in Collier County include the Family Resource Center and Refugee Youth and Family Services both located in Naples, and Guadalupe Social Services in Immokalee.

Deborah Randell
I am the proud daughter of Colonel and Patricia Randell, who moved to Lee County in 1969 for the purpose of providing my brother Ricky, a farm-like environment where he as an adult with autism, could live the most productive, self-sufficient life possible and be accepted as the wonderfully, kind, clever person he is.  Today, my goal in joining the Adonis Autism Center of S.W. Florida would be to assist the board in their efforts "to enhance the quality of life for people with autism in Southwest Florida by providing programs that encourage progressive lifestyles, participation in the life of the community and decision-making skills through training and education".

Pumfey Edythe Steffens
Holds a BS in Marketing; her career included executive marketing positions in computer/software companies including SEI Corporation and Commodore Computers, she was also a partner in Marketing Formats, a marketing consulting/advertising firm, Partner in Crossroads Publishing which developed educational magazines, and owner of ELS Communications which published the Graduate Studies Directory magazine, she was included in the 1980's Who's Who of American Women.  In the last ten years she has actively worked in the field of learning disorders and autism, started the BR Scholarship Program at the Autism Research Institute for doctors and medical professionals to attend their Biomedical training conferences, and introduced the Low Oxalate Diet Therapies Study into the autism community, which promotes a diet and other protocols for healing and behavioral changes in autistic children. She privately consults with mothers in helping them develop strategies for helping their children with autism.



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