School Rules

At the Florida Spanking School as in other schools, we have rules that all students must obey.

Remember some of your basic slave rules:

you will be expected to

  • conduct yourself in a subservient and gracious manner at all times,
  • kneel upon the arrival of your disciplinarian,
  • when kneeling, ask permission to rise when needed,
  • always respond formally when spoken to or given a command. Address your teacher as "Ma'am" or by what she tells you.
  • do your best to provide to Her your obedience
  • while on the premises you are forbidden to play with your genitals unless told to do so. This is about your discipline and/or punishment.
  • touch nothing which does not pertain directly to your duties and servitude, without asking.
  • listen and respond completely and respectfully


A more detailed list of rules is below:

1.A student should never be demanding. It is the Teacher who demands.

2.A student should never demand a Teacher's nudity. There will be no sex or nudity from your disciplinarian. This is about disciplining you and teaching you a lesson in how to behave and be a better person. If you want sex or nudity then look for a prostitute.

3.A student should always be courteous. Prank phone calls are not a sign of maturity.

4.A student should always be discrete. Remember, the teacher has Her own personal life outside of school.

5.A student should be prompt. Promptness and reliability are important on the student's part. If you say you are going to be at a certain place, you should be there on time.

6. A student should be polite. No vulgar or disrespectful talk. Display the best manners possible as a good student should.

7. A student should always be honest.

8. A student should always arrive clean. Being dirty is a major sign of disrespect and is unacceptable.

9. Disrespectful students will be banished.

10. A student should be on his knees at the Disciplinarian's feet whenever possible, unless told otherwise.

11. A student should trust the Teacher. If the student does not trust the Teacher, and places restrictions on her behavior, he is really only expecting fantasy and nothing real. If you want a disciplinarian who will just do as you tell Her to do, then leave now and go elsewhere. It is the teacher who teaches and the student listens attentively and tries his best to learn and behave.

12. A student should never make assumptions. Listen well to what your Disciplinarian teaches. Everyone is different and She will deal out the discipline as She sees fit. All that you have to do is submit, listen and obey.

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