Do you need an attitude adjustment? Here are some courses our school offers to naughty boys like you:

Spanking 101 - an introductory course for beginners.

Spanking 201 - harder course for experienced students.

Discipline for Sissies - involves some forced feminization and spanking.

Female Superiority 101 - may involve assignments and readings on Female Superiority as well as your discipline

Male Chastity 101

Grammar & Spelling Class - learn how to spell correctly and write well-written letters to Women. Also penmanship will be covered.

Art Class - where you are told to make some art for your teacher and punished if it's not up to par.

Figure Studies - you're the model for an artist and are told to stand still while she sketches or paints you. If you move, you are restrained and punished.

Photography Class - this is your opportunity to get spanked and get photos of your spanking.

Theatre Studies Class - (example: put on an amusing play for your Teacher and be spanked for your mistakes)

Domestic Servitude Class - cook and/or clean under the guidance of one of our Disciplinarians as well as get the discipline you need. Good service could be rewarded with the chance to massage the lovely feet of your Teacher. (This class could be especially useful to a naughty husband who wants to learn how to serve his wife properly or introduce loving male submission to Her, and who also needs to be disciplined or punished in the meantime)

Outdoor Spanking - can be in private space outdoors or where you are spanked in public.

Additional Female - be spanked by two Women.
(tuition is doubled if you want two people)

Language related classes*:

  • Russian - be disciplined by a strict russian teacher.
  • British - be punished by a true British Domme in this english schoolroom discipline scene. Experience your ass being punished by possible implements such as the english tawse, riding crop, rattan cane, etc.
  • German
  • (*Sorry but until further notice, language classes are no longer offered)

Roleplaying scenarios/classes:

  • Clumsy Handyman/Lady that hired him
  • Aunt/nephew
  • Boss/employee
  • Neighbor/boy
  • Wife/husband
  • Female captor/male spy who won't talk
  • Babysitter/boy
  • For some roles that require costumes,
    see our "dress up day" page.

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