Requirements for My live-in submissive/slave

I am seeking a loyal submissive male, cd or tg to serve Me regularly.
I'm not in a rush but eventually a lucky live-in sub will be chosen
after a connection/chemistry is established in person and we both want it.
Remember you must fill all of the below requirements in order to be considered:

-Of course, never dominate or switch. Must be able to maintain submissiveness naturally and be respectful at all times.

-Not be looking to use Me to have your fetishes fulfilled. Your only goal in life should be to serve Me and to serve Me well. Any fetish you have will be granted to you as a reward but only when I feel that you have served Me well. Or only when I'm in the mood.

  • -Be willing to relocate. (I would consider relocation if under the right circumstances.)
  • -Be willing to employ yourself at a job if I so choose, and one I approve of, in order to contribute half of the rent.
  • -To obey. I will be your owner and you My devoted ssubmissive.
  • -Be willing to be live-in.
  • -Or be willing to live-out and maintain your own stable residence if I deem it necessary.
  • -Single/unattached (divorced is okay)
  • -Non-smoker (Learn to quit if you are)
  • -Not a drug user or heavy alcohol drinker
  • -HIV-negative (not be infected with aids)
  • -Have no jealousies over possibly other subs serving Me (or at least know how to deal with your jealous emotions well). (example: For years, I've seen an out-of-state young male sub who just loves to clean my home a few times a year for a couple of hours.)
  • -Have no children or relatives living with you that would stop you from serving me.
  • -Not expecting sex. (unless you mean strapon sex with Me penetrating you)
  • -Open to eating healthy and learning how to prepare healthy meals for us.
  • -I prefer those who are age 21-45, single, non-smoking and at least 5' 7" tall.

-Once moved in, you may have some house rules to abide by. (example: I do not allow meat inside my home because I am a vegan and do not think animals should be killed when there's other options.). I may have you sign a slave contract so we're both clear on everything.

For a Live-in sub lasting more than 3 years, who hopes to be my permanent slave/sub:
Handing your finances over to Me if I so choose in order to support the household and our lifestyle together. To give Me your total trust and devotion. you will do your best to strive to please Me and serve Me as my long term live-in slave/sub in a loving Female-led lifestyle.

If you feel that you fill the above requirements then you may apply to belong to Me. Be sure to let Me know that your application is in response to this Live-In position.

Apply for Live-in position

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