Application Form

Below is the application to serve and be trained by Mistress Lisa in Naples, Florida. It will tell Her about you. Mistress Lisa is mainly a lifestyle (non-pro) Domme seeking personal slaves for regular service. Only select slaves able to serve regularly will be considered. Fill out the application below for a chance to serve this true Goddess. You must be single, non-smoking and between age 21-46. Take your time to fill out the application completely.


City: State:


Email Address:

Age : Height :

Weight : Phone:

Marital Status:.... i am single ........or attached/taken ....... or married

Bdsm Role: i am submissive dominant but curious or switch

Your Profession :

Have you ever been Dominated? ...yes

How much sub experience do you have? Tell Me more.

How much tribute, if any, was provided to Her for Her services or time?

Do you have any STD or health problems? List them. Any health issue can usually be worked around but I still need to know them.

Which form of relationship are you seeking?:

If you seek a specific persona, what is it?

Have you ever served a Mistress regularly over a long period of time?

Do you have any pubic hair? yes or no

Do you have any facial hair, such as a mustache? yes or no

If you answered yes to the above 2 questions, since Mistress Lisa only prefers clean shaven subs, are you willing to shave it off for Her? yes or no

Do you have any special skills?

Is there anything in particular you would like to explore?
Note: This does not necessarily mean that Mistress Lisa will do this to you. It just informs Her of your desires. She only does what pleases Her.


In what manner can you serve Me?


How will my ownership of you make MY life better?

How will my ownership of you make your life better?

If Mistress Lisa likes you, when can you come for an interview in person?
Specify which weekend, if possible.

Why do you want to serve Me and not someone else instead?


Anything else about you that Mistress Lisa should know?
Examples: Do you have any limits? Do you have any questions?
And how often can you serve and when? And do you have a
video or photo of yourself online somewhere?

IMPORTANT: Remember to do step 2. After you send your application to be sure to send Me your recent headshot PHOTO for consideration. Email it to (Write down my email address)

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