Want to serve Me? Here's more information that you'll need.

3 Opportunities Available. I am seeking:

1) a personal male sub
who is my loyal personal slave who serves me regularly.
Must be useful, sincere and reliable.

I prefer male subs or sissies who are 21-46 years old, single
and who are 5' 7" or taller.

I'm currently living in naples, florida so you must be relocatable or within driving distance in order to
serve Me regularly.

First Learn about ME

Interested in being My lucky long term personal slave?
Apply here

Requirements for a live-in

2) a weekend maid/houseboy
for cleaning and domestic service only. You must be reliable
and be happy to help out.

Useful around the house?
Want to make my life easier?
Want to be trained as
My maid?

Come be my
weekend sissymaid
obedient houseboy.

Interested? Apply here

Related Info for sissies:
Links for sissies and
forced feminization info


3) Occasional slaves for
pro spanking sessions.
Get over my lap today!

If you cannot be a live in slave at this time, then serve Me occasionally by signing up for pro spanking sessions.

You will do as I say
and be disciplined.

I am a lifestyle domme meaning that I do it for my pleasure and consider it part of my life. But I do now offer spanking sessions since there are so many males that need spankings and only so much time I have.

Related Info:
Pro Services Offered and
Discipline Sessions

or see my pro spanking school.

Also seeking Live-out personal male slaves who visit me sometimes.
But know that I'm selective so you must be of high quality, attractive, single,
age 21-46, non-smoking, sincere and wanting to serve long-term.

In-person Training- be trained in person by Me. This is for single male submissives who want to serve Me occassionally. Subs do as I say, when I say and how I say. I do not cater to subs who try to "top from the bottom" and am selective so you must be sincere and appeal to me. Apply here.

UPDATE: I am no longer offer any pro services.

Forced Feminization Sessions - I'll transform you into a pretty sissy slave and help you become more feminine. No maid training. Click here for more sissy info.

Maid Training - I will train you to be a great maid and give my stamp of approval so that others know you have been properly taught by Me on how to be a good sissy or male maid.

Keyholder Services - I will hold the keys to your little cock and control your orgasms as part of My male chastity program. Great for subs who have masterbation problems.


- those who are members of My future Fan Club.
Long distance worshipper -
regularly sends Me gifts or poems.
Chastity slave - give co
ntrol of your cock to Me by email or in person. See my male chastity program

Interested in one? Make sure to tell Me on your application to serve Me

Work slaves needed

Sissy maid or House Boy


Professional Photographer



Computer programmer


Dungeon equipment/toy maker



Electrician or Handyman


To perform all the usual domestic duties, including ironing, house cleaning, car washing, etc.

All photographs will of course be the exclusive property of Mistress Lisa. Her Royal Highness is only interested in photographers of a professional standard and will expect to see a portfolio of previous work.

For future fan club & any other task that requires more advanced programming.

Her Royal and Supreme Highness is always interested in slaves who can contribute to Her high quality collection of dungeon furniture and toys.

Various duties for Mistress' household

Email Mistress Lisa if you want to be Her useful work slave

More information for everyone to read:

- Expectations
("What are some things that Dominant women look for in a submissive?")

- Rules

- Application to Serve Me

About you


If you're just in need of a Woman controlling your cock, see my Male Chastity Program

Also be sure you have read the "About Me" section
which includes my bdsm interests and my wishlist


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