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You always dreamt of finding a Mistress who really understood your needs. Someone who could reach down deep into your soul and expose your darkest fantasies and imaginations.

A Mistress who could simply look into your eyes seeing your soul and smile knowing how to possess you.

You have found such a Woman. If you are ready to submit, then apply today.
Mistress Lisa is considering positions for a live-in slave or will do training sessions with select slaves.
For more info on Positions available, click here.

There's 2 steps to serve Mistress Lisa:

STEP ONE: Tell Me about yourself by filling out an application.

Click HERE to access an Application to serve Me
then send Me your picture by doing step two below.

STEP TWO: Send your recent headshot to Me at

Other ways to get noticed:

I enjoy receiving surprise gifts that considerate submissives have sent Me.
Letters, Poems, Photos and Gifts are acceptable. Electronics, Books, Toys, Fetish Wear etc are appreciated. Go to my "Gifts of Adoration" page for ideas. Remember subs who take action and show Me they are serious about pleasing Me by sending Me a wonderful gift definitely stand out.



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