The control you're so proud of in your life means nothing to me here. Behind closed doors, the control is entirely mine, your only responsibilities are your obedience and my pleasure.

If you're extremely good, I'll take off this blindfold soon and let you look at me while I torment you.

But until then you'll just feel your legs locked open by the spreader bar at your ankles, and the cool softness of the rope as I weave it around your body, encasing you in a snug, beautiful web that sends you floating into a place where nothing else matters except the sound of my voice...

Remember some of your basic slave rules:

i will be expected to

  • conduct myself in a subservient and gracious manner at all times,
  • kneel upon the arrival of your Mistress,
  • when kneeling, ask permission to rise when needed,
  • always respond formally when spoken to or given a command. Address Her as She wishes.
  • do my best to provide to Her my obedience and desire to please only Her to the utmost,
  • while on the premises i am forbidden to play with my genitals unless ordered to do so for Mistress' entertainment for they along with the rest of me is all Hers.
  • never embarrass My Mistress, always wanting to her life better through my service.
  • touch nothing which does not pertain directly to my duties and servitude, without asking.


A more detailed list of rules is below:

1.A slave should never be demanding. It is the Dominant who demands.

2.A slave should never dictate a Dominant's clothing, that is up to the Dominant.

3.A slave should not enforce his own fantasies. It is acceptable to mention what he likes but the Domme does as She desires. You are there to be taught and to serve.

4.A slave should never demand a dominant's nudity, that is up to the Dominant.

5.A slave should always be courteous. Prank phone calls are not a sign of maturity.

6.A slave should always be discrete. Remember, the dominant has Her own personal life.

7.A slave should be prompt. Promptness and reliability are important on the slave's part.
If you say you are going to be at a certain place, you should be there and be there early.

8. A slave should be polite. No vulgar or disrespectful talk. Display the best manners possible.

9. A slave is not allowed to touch himself or cum without permission first. His main focus should be on pleasing the Domme.

10.A slave should never expect sex. Domination may have sexual undertones (of the Domina's choosing) but it is a totality.

11.A slave should always be honest.

12.A slave should always arrive clean. Being dirty is a major sign of disrespect and is unacceptable.

13.A slave who is banished remains banished. Banishment is a serious result of serious offenses.

14. A slave should be on his knees at the Domina's feet whenever possible.

15. A slave should trust the Dominant. If the slave does not trust the Dominant, and places restrictions on her behavior, he is really only expecting fantasy and nothing real. If you want a Domme who will just do as you tell Her to do, then leave now and go elsewhere.

16. And a slave should never make assumptions. Listen well to what the Dominant teaches. Every Domina is different.



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