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Core Values


1) We come together as a circle of diverse individuals, committed to nourishing ourselves, others, and this planet through a simple, sustainable lifestyle which incorporates and celebrates life, love, play, learning, multi-cultural expression, spiritual growth, matriarchy and female authority.
2) We honor the inherent dignity and worth of all life and of all people. No one is useless and we believe that everyone has individual skills that could help the community in some way.
3) We believe that a male is better off with the loving guidance of a Female in his life.
4) We believe in harmony. When a proper balance exists between the independence of the individual and the interdependence of the community, each serves to enhance and complement the other. While we choose to live in a cooperative community, caring for and supporting each other's physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, we each take primary responsibility for our own actions and needs.
5) We believe in discussing problems. Conflict solutions generated through cooperation and mutual creativity often transcend solutions generated by any single person. Residents may bring any conflicts to the "Wise Woman Council" to mediate..
6) Decision making power is earned by active participation in the shared life of the community. The Wise Woman Council makes the decisions but males will have a way to give their feedback via written suggestion forms or by discussing it with their wife, girlfriend or closest female friend and asking her to consider giving voice to his suggestions or concerns.
7) We believe in living in tune with nature as best as we can. Sustainability, permaculture, conservation, and alternative energies and ways of thinking are encouraged. We believe that we should live in respect with the land and one another.
8) Sustaining individual involvement in the community by everyone showing their talents and energies in the spirit of active commitment to the community. We want to recognize everybody's individual talents and make use of them where needed.
9) We believe that every woman should be treated like a Goddess by the male in her life.


1) To make conscious our connection to Spirit and Earth and our interdependence with the web of all life;
2) To facilitate the transition toward a life of elegant simplicity
3) To nurture an increasingly abundant world by enhancing living systems while reducing consumption of resources;
4) To foster the lifelong learning and growth of every community member
5) To preserve any landholdings through proper stewardship, designated wilderness areas and ecologically sound use of our resources;
6) To create a learning center that serves as a living demonstration of our beliefs. It can house everyone's books, videos, and also be a place to hold classes and workshops.
7) Envision a positive restorative future and develop the skills needed to create it;
9) Serve and reach out to the local and global community, encouraging spiritual and cultural diversity and other forms of creative expression while providing a sense of inclusion, integration and celebration through responsible community activities;
10) Encourage the growth and support of our village.
11) Encourage the establishment of member owned and managed ecologically sound businesses;
12) Actively support the intentional communities, permaculture and land reform movements as we are able.
13) To try to live sustainably. Ideally growing our own food on our land and/or buying organic food and recycling as much as we can so as to sustain the planet and ourselves.
14) To strive for matriarchy and to be matrilineal. For example, males would be encouraged to take on the last name of their wife and for finances to be managed by the female of the household.
15) To encourage strong confident Females and to encourage a supporting Sisterhood among Women.

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"Pale, motionless, overwhelmed by this fearful revelation, dazzled by the superhuman beauty of this woman, who unveiled herself to him without modesty which he found sublime, he ended by falling on his knees before her…Milady let fall upon him one of those glances which make a slave of a king. Felton was a Puritan; he dropped the hand of this woman to kiss her feet. He no longer loved her, he adored her"
-Alexandre Dumas “The Three Musketeers"