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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who founded this project and why?  Ms. Lisa of Florida founded it to create a new kind of community. One that is environmentally friendly and where likeminded people interested in loving Female-led concepts can live together in peace. For more info, see our People page.

What is Female-led? There's a definition on our homepage.

Where will Femquility be located? We're looking for land in the southeast U.S. For more info, see our location page.

What is cohousing?  Cohousing is one type of intentional community. For details, see What is Cohousing?

What are advantages to living in cohousing? The advantages include rich relationships, a sense of extended family and the opportunity to share resources and live more lightly on the land.

What are drawbacks to living in cohousing? Cohousing community take work to develop and maintain. But the end results are well worth it.

What is the Common House? It's a building with shared facilities and is an extension of our homes. Our common house will most likely include a large kitchen and outdoor & indoor dining areas for optional shared meals, guest rooms, living room, game room, office/internet space, art studio, exercise room and laundry facilities. Specifics will be finalized later on. For more info, visit our common house page.

Cars stay away from living areas? Yes, and we can use carts to carry just about everything. They're like mini rickshaws.

Do you have a common spiritual path? No. Femquility is not a religious community. Our members represent a wide range of spiritual paths and religious beliefs. Beliefs or non-beliefs are up to each individual.

Do you allow pets?  Yes. Our pet's human companions are fully responsible for their impact on other members, and local wildlife. For dogs, we will most likely have a leash policy if we find that it is needed.

How do you make decisions? Most community decisions are made by consensus in the Wise Women Council. Every woman in the community is the head of her household and is on the Wise Women Council. Therefore community decisions by the council represent the consensus of all the households. Each gentleman can freely discuss issues with the woman of the household he lives in. But the final decision of each household is up to each woman.

How much work is required? Femquility is a cooperative community that relies on its members to get things done. This also saves us a lot of money. Every member contributes a certain amount of hours a week in our organized work system which gets a number of important jobs done.(number of hours to be determined later). Other work is not as organized and is usually accomplished via individual and collective labors of love by members. We strive to match work with talent and passions.

Are there any other cohousing communities in the U.S.? Yes there are alot of cohousing communities, ecovillages and intentional communities in the U.S. and around the world. (check the related web links on our cohousing page for directories). But Femquility will be the first intentional community in the U.S. that will be just for those in Female-led relationships.

How did you expect to finance Femquility? Once we have enough seriously interested members and we agree on a particular area of the southeastern U.S. that we want to live in, we will partner with a developer. They can help us find the right property in that area and then they will arrange bank loans for land purchase and construction.(They need to know that most of the 33 homes will be pre-sold to our interested members before they buy the land). Then members of each household work out their own financing with a bank in order to buy a home in the community. Get pre-qualified with a bank to find out how much home you can afford. (tentative, subject to change)

What are the age ranges of potential residents? Right now we're in the beginning stage and looking for more interested people so just about any age.

What is your current status? We are in the initial stages and are currently looking for prospective residents.

How can I get involved? Please visit our join us page if you have an interest in staying in touch.

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