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The links below lead to information that could be useful for building intentional communities.



  • Abraham Paiss & Associates, Inc. of Boulder, Colorado is a husband and wife firm specializing in helping cohousing groups neighborhoods get started across the U.S. In 1996 when the nation's first cohousing community was completely built using a developer-led streamlined model. Since then, Principals Neshama Abraham and Zev Paiss have worked with a number of leading cohousing professionals around the country to facilitate membership and community building. (Our founder Ms. Lisa met them and took their "marketing cohousing" workshop and their "cohousing development- a primer" workshop)

  • Wonderland Hill Development Company The country's most experienced developer of cohousing communities in the U.S. is headed by Jim Leach, a pioneering in developing and building environmental communities.WHDC has created 15 completed neighborhoods in Colorado, California, Arizona and Washington State. Based in Boulder, CO (Our founder Ms. Lisa got their handouts from their marketing workshop)

  • The CoHousing Company An Architectural firm headed by Charles Durrett and Kathryn McCamant offering design and project management services for cohousing projects across the U.S. McCamant & Durrett are founders of the cohousing industry in North America and co-authors of the book "Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves". Durrett has also authored just published "Senior Cohousing: A community Approach to Independent Living". Offices in Berkeley, CA and Nevada City, CA

  • Cohousing Development Company Principals Nick Meima and J.D. Lindenberg specializes in assisting new cohousing groups from inception to completion, with a focus on environmentally sustainable communities and healthy, non-toxic homes in the Midwest. Meima's company is based in Ann Arbor, MI where they built three contiguous cohousing communities featuring these sustainable construction.principles. (Our founder Ms. Lisa met them and took their financial workshop.)

  • Cohousing Solutions offers emerging cohousing groups valuable construction services to help the group get started in the right direction and then continued professional expert services in helping the group realize their dream community.

  • Cohousing Resources Principal Chris Scott Hanson provides land search and acquisition services to cohousing groups in the early stages of development. Chris was the Project Manager on five completed cohousing communities in the Northwestern U.S. and Canada and is currently active in the Boston, MA area. He is the author of "The Cohousing Handbook: A Practical Guide to Creating Cohousing Neighborhood". Based in Bainbridge Island, WA

  • Kraus-Fitch Architects, Inc. An architectural firm specializing in cohousing and sustainable design. Principal architects Mary Kraus and Laura Fitch have worked with 20 cohousing communities across North America over the past 14 years. Both Mary and Laura live at Pioneer Valley Cohousing in Amherst, MA, the first cohousing neighborhood on the east coast, completed in 1994.

  • Support Financial Services is a partnership which specializes in providing early stage financing to cohousing projects. Since 1993, Support has funded 12 cohousing projects in the U.S. built by Wonderland Hill Development Co. Offices in Lafayette and Boulder, CO. Zev Paiss from Abraham Paiss & Associations is involved in this. His email: Zpaiss@comcast.net .

  • Ecohousing Corporation Don Tucker is the principal of this award-winning, green-building company that has offers project development and management, architecture and engineering, and community building,construction. Completed projects include LEED-certified Eastern village Cohousing (Silver Spring, MD) and Takoma Village (Wash. DC.) taking cohousing groups successfully through all stages of creating a neighborhood. Based in Bethesda, MD.

  • Ann Zabaldo has been active in cohousing since 1991 and is the former President of the Cohousing Association of the U.S. A founding resident of Takoma Village in Washington, D.C., Ann is a Cohousing Consultant who oversees group organization, marketing and outreach. Ann has partnered with the Ecohousing Corporation on two successfully completed neighborhoods. She is based in the Baltimore/Washington area. Email: Zabaldo@earthlink.net or phone (202) 291-7892.

  • Tree Breesen is an experienced facilitator working with nonprofits, cohousing groups, activists, schools, and a wide variety of other organizations. Her base is in intentional communities, groups of people who live together and have to deal with each other every day. Her work arises from a desire for people to learn the communication skills that will enable all of us to build a better world together. Tree gives workshops on consensus decision-making, meeting facilitation, conflict resolution, and related subjects. (Our Founder Ms. Lisa took her workshop called "Planning for great meetings")





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Learn about the current state of the world in our patriarchal society:

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Female-led lifestyle:


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