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Welcome to Femquility

This is my site for my vision of a future matriarchal cohousing community called Femquility. Femquility will be a private residential cohousing community for those interested in loving, Female-led relationships between a male and female. The goal is to move into a 33-home cohousing community in the southeastern U.S. It will be like a small matriarchal village (residential community) that strives to be sustainable, supportive and environmentally friendly. It will not be a place based on male fantasies or kinks. If you think so then you obviously didn't read this website and haven't taken the time to learn about cohousing communities or visit any. Femquility will be for likeminded people who believe in honoring nature and women. It's for those into healthy Female-led relationships and other likeminded people.

UPDATE: This website is mainly to show my idea for a matriarchal cohousing community for those into loving, female-led relationships. I'm looking for those who want to help make it a reality...seriously interested people. (not some who mistakenly think it's about kink. It's not). I especially hope that Women who are seriously interested in this vision will contact me and for us to gather together to help make this a reality, or anyone that wants to donate some land preferably in florida. For anybody that's interested I also encourage you to visit existing vanilla cohousing communities and report back about what's good and bad about each since cohousing/intentional communities differ alot from each other. You'll also get a sense about what cohousing is about by visiting the cohousing.org site.

"Anything that is existing must first be imagined."
This is what this site is about. Sharing MY IDEAS with everyone. A vision for a wonderful community based on love, respecting Women and nature.

~Ms Lisa

The Community will have a private feel, be peaceful, surrounded by the beauty of nature, environmentally friendly and honor nature and women.  The homes will be clustered on a small portion of the land saving the rest for green spaces to enjoy. It will be pedestrian friendly, with all traffic limited to the parking area on the periphery. Community members will know each other and not be isolated like in today's society.

The Garden consists of mainly growing organic fruits and vegetables as well as some flowers and herbs. The food will be used in the common house during shared dinners and will also be part of a CSA (a community supported agriculture) program where residents can choose to work in the garden or pay a small monthly fee for the organic food or choose to buy their own food elsewhere.

> to view a larger version, go to the Site Plan page
for our 33 home cohousing community

>>> What is Female-led?

What is Female-led?

"A female led relationship is where both partners make a conscious decision for the woman to be head of household and the man her helpmate. Ambitious powerful women often find that partnering with a man who is supportive rather than competitive creates a harmonious and peaceful home and helps her achieve her goals.

This role reversal style of living is out of step with mainstream society and leaves those of us who are happy in the lifestyle feeling isolated. This website gives us a way to connect with each other, create a community together and educate others who are interested in our way of life.

Living in a female led relationship is a viable alternative to traditional marriage for certain women and men. Not all personality types are suited to this kind of relationship, but those who are have a unique set of desires, strengths and personality traits that are better expressed in a non-traditional kind of relationship."

(definition thanks to VOT)

This site is for you if:

  • You want to be in a Female led relationship and live in a close-knit, friendly, cohousing community with likeminded people.
  • You already are in a Female led relationship or marriage and want to connect with others like you and possibly live in the Femquility community with likeminded people.
  • You are curious about living in a matriarchal cohousing community where each woman is the head of her household and her mate. And the male is her helpmate and in a supportive role. He enjoys not having to be in charge at home and instead focuses on treating her like a queen, being helpful and encouraging her confidence. You also want to live in a close-knit friendly community where everyone knows each other and strives to be environmentally friendly.

>>> Our Mission Statement:

Femquility would be a matriarchal cohousing community where we all live together like a close-knit extended family and we live in tune with nature. It would be an environmentally friendly community in the southeast U.S. where new ideas for a peaceful, sustainable society are encouraged.

The community would encourage female entrepreneurs, independent women and would be a safe long-term residence for people into ecofeminism and sustainability. It would be a close community filled with peace, simplicity and loving people living in our own private community. One that is environmentally-friendly....a place where the land is respected and enriched rather than destroyed by its residents. There would be a shared main Common House with some shared resources. It would also have an Learning Center where new ways of living sustainably on the land are explored and other workshops. Learn more about our Programs, click here.

The 3 main goals are:

  • To Lift Women Up! It'll be a positive atmosphere that encourages women's dreams to take flight and provides a safe, peaceful living environment that is conducive to better self-esteem and self-expression. Where women can gain confidence and support.
  • To make environmentally friendly, sustainable living a reality for us. We'll respect the land and look into new ideas and ways of living so that the environment is saved for future generations while also sustaining our ecovillage.
  • To provide opportunities to learn about new ideas for living on this planet, such as renewable energy, biofuels, organic gardening, and social & environmental alternatives.
  • To be a supportive environment for the loving Female-led lifestyle. Where strong women and their supportive males can live in a peaceful cohousing community. It will also be a place to learn about women's issues, matriarchy and ecofeminism.

The ecovillage would be a positive atmosphere of encouragement...an environment of support. A peaceful refuge from the typical violent, wasteful society and a place where sisterhood and peace is encouraged. Select males are able to join but it would only be natural then that the males who would be accepted within the community would be those who demonstrate that they are caring, peaceful, useful and want to realize the mission and goals of the matriarchal community.

If you would like to be involved, Join

What makes the community unique? Go to the Site Plan page

> What is Cohousing? Read more.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
- Eleanor Roosevelt, U.S. 1st Lady and social reformer.

While this site may be accessed from several different URL's,
the official URL is: www.Femquility.org

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