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Site Plan
(preliminary, subject to change. This based on an existing regular cohousing community I visited)

A Site Plan represents how our community could be physically structured.

Here are some ways Femquility is unique:

  • Thirty-three homes in a small village atmosphere
  • 3000 sq ft or larger Common House (great room, large kitchen, playroom, laundry, multipurpose rooms, front and rear porches, etc.)
  • Pedestrian-only walkway and nature trails
  • Playscape and playing field
  • Wooded areas
  • Rainwater collection
  • Pond
  • Organic community garden and permaculture/beautiful landscaping
  • Possibly a chlorine-free swimming pool
  • Possibly a fenced-in dog exercise area
  • A safe, private community for loving, Female-led relationships.
  • Any single males will be under the loving guidance of a female in the community so that they become well-mannered, peaceful gentlemen who respect all women and are useful to the community.
  • Matrilineage and matriarchy are favored.

Inherent Sense of Community

  • Village-style design
  • Pedestrian-friendly environment
  • Inviting courtyards and gathering
  • Incomparable Sense of Connectedness
  • Shared common house for planned
    and spontaneous gatherings
  • Everyone knows their neighbors
  • Quieter and safer place to live due to automobiles
    on the perimeter of the community
  • Shared celebrations and some shared meals
  • Encourage fun and culture in our community

Natural Areas

  • Shared playfield and green space
  • Woods/nature surrounding community
  • Water features (pond and possibly a pool or hot tub)
  • Community gardens
  • Wildflowers and edible landscaping
  • Strive to preserve nature

Safer Environment for all

  • Reduced presence of automobiles. Parking only on perimeter.
  • Private: possibly long road leading to community
  • Possibly a privacy gate at the front entrance before you get into the community
  • Everyone knows each other in the community so any unknown person will be recognized instantly.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Renewable energy (Solar panels on buildings, some solar lights on pathways, etc.) beautiful landscaping, only use as much land as we need & leave the rest of nature to enjoy and for privacy, composting, recycling, rain catchment, strive to use non-toxic building materials and paints, growing food and flowers organically, and carpooling/car sharing programs and electric cars/scooters and bikes are encouraged.
  • Sharing/reusing is encouraged.
    Idea: Residents at EcoVillage at Ithaca say they have "a very popular “re-use room” that is like a free store. People donate clothes, shoes, games, books and household goods they no longer want. Often these disappear in a day or so. In addition, there are commonly traded items, like household furniture or camping supplies or even kayaks and canoes that people borrow from each other frequently." At Femquility, we could possibly have a re-use room in our common house.

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“Every aspect of our lives is in a sense a
vote for the kind of world we want to live in.”

-Frances Moore Lappe