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The Homes

I would have to think about this more, but Femquility might be set up similar to a condominium ownership structure so that homes are privately owned inside to the paint on the interior walls including windows and doors, but the community owns the structure and anything outside the unit. Individual owners would be responsible for maintenance inside of their units, for insurance on contents, and for added improvements. This way people can't knock down buildings in our community. If a future resident wants to sell their home, they can do that but the future resident must believe in our core values and sign a membership/homeowner's agreement.

Once our community is established, It is important if you are buying a home in Femquility that you are informed by the seller of any improvements they or previous owners made over the original community design/model.

There could be several different models to choose from with different square footages depending on affordability.

Homes: passive solar, metal roofs, front entrance has beautiful landscaping (park-like, some edible landscape, wildflowers, english garden style), most have front porches and solar panels, most will be handicap accessible on the ground floor of each home, some have private backyards, could have several square footages/home models to choose from. More details when in the developer phase. The photos on this page are from an existing community that our founder, Ms. Lisa, has visited and that we will most likely base our planned community on. Home designs may vary according to models and architect.

Above photo was taken by Ms. Lisa when visiting existing cohousing communities.


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“Cohousers believe that it's more readily possible to live lighter on the planet if they cooperate with their neighbors, and their lives are easier, more economical, more interesting, and more fun.
-Charles Durrett, a cohousing professional and author of the book
"Cohousing: a contemporary approach to housing ourselves."