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Programs and features

What will the community consist of? Here's some features and programs. Also it shows how we might legally structure the entire community.

  1. Intentional community (ecovillage/cohousing community).
    Our group of people living in the community regularly. A growing residential community committed to ecological sustainability and improving female's confidence and leadership. It will most likely have 33 homes and a shared Common House for shared facilities such as guestrooms, meeting space, a large community kitchen for twice weekly community dinners and more.
    (Will most likely set up legally as a LLC and/or private membership group instead of a homeowners association so that we aren't governed by fair housing laws and so we can choose who can or can't live in the community).

  2. An Educational Center called “The Learning Center” (TLC).
    A place to teach classes which would be held in a room in the Common House or a separate structure. Some classes could be on organic gardening, creative expression, being eco-friendly (renewable energy, biodiesel, recycling & composting), cooking, massage & pampering a Woman, a hair & beauty class for males, male bellydancing, tea service, a carpentry for women class, self defense for women, women in art and history, and leadership classes for strengthening the confidence of females so they can effectively be the head of their household and of their subs/husband. TLC will also house our shared library of supportive and educational books, music, dvd's and other media on various subjects.

    This TLC educational /library space will most likely be a room in our Common House and we could additionally hold some classes outside on our land in one of our fields or in a small outdoor platform surrounded by nature.

    (If we want to accept tax-exempt donations for it, we could possibly set up TLC legally as a 501c3 non-profit organization.)

  3. Overnight Retreat. (maybe)
    Once we become established, we could have well-known friends or interested likeminded people stay overnight in one of our guestrooms in our common house or stay with one of our residents for a fee or work exchange.

  4. Others:
    - 3 week visitor program,
    - maybe a community newsletter and/or intranet,
    - maybe a shared internet center or wi-fi in the common house
    - community festivals and celebrations for our residents,
    - clubs & organizations in our community that meet in our common house,
    - community businesses and members' businesses,
    - online store,
    - maybe an educational exchange program with a local college,
    - workstudy/work exchange,
    - a CSA organic garden program (community shared agriculture), etc.
    - In addition, we may look into setting up a tax exempt ‘land trust' to protect certain parts of the land from development or a 'land patent'.

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