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1) I Want to Know More about Cohousing in General
The website cohousing.org has general information about cohousing, news, an index of existing and forming cohousing communities (a good way to learn about cohousing is to visit cohousing communities near you. If you can't, another good option is to visit their websites and to read book. See our Web Links page.)

2) I Want to Know More about Femquility

All my ideas are on this website. If any other information becomes available, I will put it on this webpage.

3) I Want to Help Make Femquility Happen and live in it!
I'm serious about becoming a future member/resident of Femquility

Right now this is just my website about an ideas for a cohousing community. If you think you can seriously help make it a reality, then contact me. Also contact me if you are a married Female-led couple who would be interested in moving into Femquility if it does get built in the future. I will keep your email on file.
Email Ms. Lisa

Have a question about my idea? I recommend reading all the pages of this public website you're on now first before contacting me.

And I recommend visiting regular existing cohousing communities near you if you are interested in that. You'll find that they are usually very different from one another. You may learn something from visiting that might be helpful to me. For a database of cohousing communities at cohousing.org


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“If you think you can, you're right. If you think you can't, you're right.”
-Mary Kay Ash