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People/Do We Match?

Do we match?

  • Do you want to be in a Female led relationship and live in a close-knit, friendly, cohousing community with likeminded people?
  • Do you already live in a Female led relationship or marriage and want to connect with others like you and possibly live in the Femquility community with likeminded people?
  • Are you curious about living in a matriarchal cohousing community where each woman is the head of her household and her mate? And the male is her helpmate and in a supportive role. He enjoys not having to be in charge at home and instead focuses on treating her like a queen, being helpful and encouraging her confidence. Each male obeys the woman in his life.
  • Can you afford to buy a home, do you share our core values and are interested in cohousing and living in the southeast U.S.?
  • Can you get along with people, share and are willing to help out when we have our community meals twice a week in our Common House? (the Common House will have a large kitchen but each individual home will still have their own kitchen)
  • Do you also want to live in a close-knit friendly woman positive community where everyone knows each other and strives to be environmentally friendly?

If you answered Yes then consider joining us.

Femquility will be comprised of a diverse and delightful group of people.

Ms. Lisa Kelly, Femquility Founder and President:

Through Femquility and its learning center, she hopes to create a positive atmosphere for women (and supportive males) to live, grow, learn and thrive. She is an artist, vegetarian, environmentalist and is used to taking leadership roles. She has been involved in the Female-led lifestyle for 15 years and has lead a local Female-led organization for 8 years. She has read about cohousing, ecovillages and intentional communties throughly and has visited several cohousing communities in person, as well as met some professionals in the cohousing industry. She hopes that others will join with her and make her idea a reality...so there can be a future environmentally-friendly, Female-led community called Femquility in the southeastern USA.

The Wise Women Council:

This section will host the names of the Women who are interested in helping to actively plan our matriarchal community and offer their ideas.

The group of smart Women will be called the Wise Women Council. They will be involved with the planning and implementation of our future ecovillage.

And if some of them later become community members of the village after it's built then they will be part of Wise Women Council who will handle any issues or decisions in the village. After it's built, the council will be the governing body of Women living in the community who discuss and decide community issues. All decisions will have to get the final approval of Ms. Lisa. This is to ensure that nothing harmful is decided for our ecovillage or if it's something that does not go along with our mission and values.

Wise Women Council (WWC):

Current members:
- Ms. Lisa of florida is the leader/foundress.

Women who might be interested :
- Ms. Rena of oregon.
-Mz. Lisa of delaware.
-Barbara of oregon.

Currently looking for seriously interested women (and couples)
who want to help make this community a reality.

How to join the Council: Email Ms. Lisa to join.



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